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FInding Your Character

Beginner – Advanced  + 10 hr 30 mins

The face is where your character comes to life. Learn how to create appealing face poses, build a pose library and find your character.

Course Length 

10+ Hours


3 to 7 days

self paced


Learn to create appealing, and believable emotions

Part 1

Push The Pose BLur.png

In the first part of the course we focus on the 17 Fundamentals for creating appealing face poses that you can apply to all characters you animate.

Part 2

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 15.27.59.png

Then we put it to practice and build out our pose library using Studio Library.

Part 3

After we create our pose library, we take the poses and animate this character test to find our


Is this Course for You?

You are comfortable with Maya

This course uses Maya. To get the most out of this course and our rigs you will need to have and be comfortable with Maya

Do you struggle to feel emotion in your animations?

Often in early work, we don't push the face enough. Our characters look and feel flat. If this is you, this course is just for you.

You want to be a feature film animator.

If your goal is to work in feature film, its crucial to know how to create appealing face poses to bring your characters to life in an expressive way.  

Struggling to find a workflow? 

This course is more than just posing the face. As we animate the character test, you will see the workflow we used to take your poses to a final polished animation.

Trusted by +250 students

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Don't just take our

word for it

See what our students have to say about our courses & mentorships


I absolutely loved my time at Lupin House, while I was on a tight schedule I feel like that time was very well spent. I reckon I learnt more about acting nuances and body mechanics than I did in a year of being self taught!
To everyone who curious I’d highly recommend taking the opportunity to do learn with Lupin House. It’s been an incredible experience for me and I’m excited to come back again in the future!

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Includes Our Exclusive Xander Rig 

Your Instructor


Instructed by Steven J. Morris who has contributed to many feature films, including Under The Boardwalk, Nimona, Ron's Gone Wrong, and Garfield. He pours all his knowledge and industry insights into this course, providing students with an inside look at the thought process and techniques required for creating feature-quality animation.

Steven J. Morris

Founder | Lupin House

What's in the Box?


- Access to our Xander Rig 

- Join Our Lupin House Community 
- 17 lectures on what makes an appealing pose

- Xander Pose Library

- Live workflow for creating poses and building a pose library, showcasing practical techniques.

- Live workflow for animating a feature quality character test
- Membership in our Slack community for ongoing support and networking.
- Certificate of Completion.

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