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Vol. 1
Acting For Feature Film

In this course, you will learn how to take a initial idea to the final polished animation. Focusing on a layered approach and animating without the use of video reference.  The animation in this course won first place in the September 11 Second Club competition and were excited to share everything that went into creating it with you.

Pre-Recorded Lectures

Pre Recoded Workflow


Production Quality Character Rig

Your Instructor

Steven J. Morris

Instructed by Steven J. Morris who has contributed to many feature films, including Under The Boardwalk, Nimona, Ron's Gone Wrong, and Garfield. He pours all his knowledge and industry insights into this course, providing students with an inside look at the thought process and techniques required for creating feature-quality animation.


What You Will Learn:

- How to develop appealing animation ideas.
- How to refine your acting and performance
- Using Epic Pen for pose planning.
- Self-critiquing techniques for continuous improvement.
- How to animate body mechanics.
- How to animate lip sync
- The layered workflow
- Techniques for polishing lip sync, body mechanics, and facial expressions (eyes and brows).
- Tips for animating non-human characters.
- Techniques for pushing and creating appealin
g poses.


What You Will Get:

- Access to our Exclusive Bleu Rig.
- 12 hours of live workflow lectures, showcasing practical t
- Membership in our Slack community for ongoing support and networkin
- A $100 discount on Volume 2: Mechanics for Feature Film.
- Certificate of Completion.

US $250

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