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An Important Message

Hey everyone, no pictures or videos in this post. Just an important message.

This is a reminder to dream big and not let other people's expectations stop you from pushing for your goals. When you're starting out in animation and express your desire to work at Disney or Pixar, many will dismiss it. I've even had teachers claim it's too competitive, and to " not get our hopes up".

These are the reasons they wrote themselves off and gave themselves the excuse not to strive for greatness and settle.

If you want to work at Disney or Pixar, you can. ( Or excel in any feild )

Evaluate yourself and ask, "Am I really doing all I can to achieve my goals?"

Start tracking how much time you spend on Instagram, Facebook, or watching TV. See how many hours you could invest in learning a new skill or honing your animation.

It takes work to be the best at something, and studios like Disney and Pixar are the best. You need to do more than what everyone else is doing.

At Lupin House, we have many students taking a mentorship during their school break. I see these students making it to Disney and Pixar because they are doing more than everyone else.

While others are relaxing, they are growing.

You can make massive changes by implementing small adjustments. Try focusing your browsing on animation content only, and set up dedicated time each day for learning. Small changes over time may not be immediately noticeable, but in a year, you will be different.

People will always try to put you in thier box. Just remeber absolutley nothing is impossible if you are commited and want it enough.

If you're looking for an advantage, here's a friendly tip:

It's something I notice all the time. Many people tend to be complacent and lack a sense of urgency. They take their time, saying, "Oh, eventually, or maybe next week, I'll start." The thing is, if you follow that path, you might find yourself in the same spot a year from now.

If you have a dream, don't let it dwindle away. Have urgency and chase the dream with all you have. Don't let others talk you out of it. Work towards it every day and you will get there. Never stop learning.

I would wish you good luck, but I don't beleive in luck. Here is why:

When you work towards lifiting 100kg and then you do it - you don't say I was lucky. You know how much work went into it, it was not luck at all.

It is the exact same thing for your career. You are not lucky to work at Pixar - It is the result of all your hard work.

Sooooo - get to work? ;)

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may kirabo
may kirabo
Nov 30, 2023

Thank YOU


^^^ Literally in love with this

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