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Landing Your Dream Animation Job

Working as a character animator is one of the best careers in the world. It is a highly creative and rewarding profession that allows you to bring characters and stories to life. As a character animator, you have the opportunity to work on some of the most exciting and innovative projects in the entertainment industry, from feature films to video games and beyond.

However, it's also an extremely competitive field. The animation industry is constantly evolving and growing, and competition is fierce. To succeed as a character animator, you need to have a solid understanding of animation principles, a strong portfolio, and the ability to work well in a team.

The rewards of a career in character animation are well worth the effort. The satisfaction of seeing your creations come to life on the big screen is truly unmatched. As the demand for animation continues to grow in various industries, the opportunities for character animators will also continue to increase.

Breaking into the animation industry can be a challenging task, but it's definitely achievable. Here are some tips and tricks for landing your first job as a character animator in the animation industry.

  • Build a strong portfolio: Your portfolio is your calling card in the animation industry. It should showcase your best work and highlight your skills as a character animator. Make sure that your portfolio is up-to-date, well-organized, and easy to navigate. Include a variety of animation styles and techniques, and be sure to include a demo reel that showcases your best work.

  • Network, network, network: The animation industry is all about who you know. Attend animation events, join animation groups and clubs, and connect with other animators on social media. This will not only help you to expand your professional network but also give you an inside look at the industry and potential job opportunities.

  • Take on freelance or internships: Gaining experience is key to getting a job in the animation industry. Look for freelance work or internships that will give you the opportunity to work on real projects and build your portfolio. This will not only give you the experience you need to land a job, but it will also give you an opportunity to showcase your skills to potential employers.

  • Specialize in a specific animation technique: There are many different animation techniques, such as hand-drawn, stop-motion, and computer animation. Specializing in a specific technique will make you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting hired.


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  • Be patient and persistent: Landing your first job in the animation industry can take time. Don't get discouraged if you don't get a job right away. Keep working on your skills, networking, and building your portfolio. Keep applying to different studios and positions, and eventually, the right opportunity will come your way.

  • One important tip for getting hired is to make sure you are actually ready to be hired. You might have a little further to go than you think. The best thing to do between graduation and getting your dream job is to keep expanding your skills and growing as an animator. Getting a mentorship is a great way to learn from experienced animators who have already established themselves in the industry. They provide the same feedback you get in the worlds leading studios and help you bridge the gap between being a student and a working professional. As well as giving you insight into the industry, they can help to connect you with industry professionals.

At Lupin House we have helped a number of our students land their first or next job in the industry! If you are ready to kickstart your career, join the elite community of animators at Lupin House and get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the animation industry. Apply today and start your journey to a successful career in animation!

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