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Natalie Portman at Lupin House!?

Some pretty huge news! As of 2024 Lupin House now provides students with access to MasterClass where you can learn acting from the likes of Natalie Portman, Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Hart + many other talented and successful actors.

You can also learn film making with Martin Scorsese, Directing with Ron Howard and Comedy with Steve Martin. Whaaaaat!!!

The first thing you learn is how to animate, then you jam every principle you can into every performance. ( We've all done it ) This is where most schools and universities leave you...

What's next?

It's about learning to create compelling performances and stories that feel real and authentic. Plus, you need to achieve high-level polish in your work if you want to work in feature films.

This is why mentorships at Lupin House are so valuable. Our mentors are here to help and guide you in creating a shot for your reel that demonstrates the most important thing: your ability to create believable and authentic performances. It's about showing that you know how to act.

Animation is a extremely competitive industry, come get your edge at Lupin House ✅

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