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Lupin House / 2024 Masterclass Series

Blocking Masterclass 2 / 4

Beginner – Advanced  + 4hr

Learn how to study references and what to extract, emphasize, or exclude. Watch live how to create blocking suitable for a director at Disney Animation! 

Lupin House / 2024 Masterclass Series

Posing & Appeal 
Masterclass 1 / 4

Beginner – Advanced  + 4hr

A pose is where your character comes to life. Learn how to create appealing poses with Disney Supervising Animator Valentin Amador.

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Henry Leonardo

This first masterclass leave me with no words, it went beyond my expectations. Amazing. Valentin did an amazing first masterclass which increases my standards of what to look forward to achieve in terms of quality animation and draftmanship, the information and teachings of the masterclass were invaluable, thank you very much for the opportunity of learning from you.

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Sofia Tadiotto

It was very interesting, clear and engaging. I'm so excited even after 3 days form the masterclass!! Valentine was clear and engaging. I think he communicated not only "notions", but the love for animation. I felt the great passion he has, and this let the lesson to be more efficient.

We are running 4 Masterclasses hosted by Disney Supervising Animator Valentin Amador. Val has been animating for over 25 years, and we are condensing that experience into 4 comprehensive masterclasses that will cover everything you need, to excel your career in animation.

The first class will be Saturday March 16th 8AM LA time. Focusing on Posing and Appeal.

Each class will be + 4 hours long.


All levels are welcome as Val will cover the most basic to the most minute details that make a pose shine and burst with appeal. Then, see everything you have learned put into action as Val demonstrates how he creates poses live.


Valentin started out as a 2D animator, so you will see his process creating beautiful 2D poses and translating them into 3D, and the workflow he uses on a daily basis at Disney.


Finally, we will finish with a Q&A where you get to ask any burning questions you might have.


We are starting this series with posing and appeal, as poses are the building blocks that you build your animation upon. Without good poses, your shot will not be effective in telling the story intended. Posing and appeal, is the area where we see students improve the most in their work. When you master posing, the rest becomes easier and your shot will be  more appealing to watch.


Seats are limited to 50 people, if you plan to join the masterclass then we suggest securing your seat as soon as possible.


If you have any questions email us at and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Course Length 

4+ Hours

About Masterclass 2 / 4


1 Day


Learn exactly what makes appealing poses

About Masterclass 2, 3, and 4

Ever wondered what sets you apart from a Disney supervising Animator? Now's your chance to find out! Join us as Val shares the techniques and processes he employs to take a shot from planning to final polish, ready for feature film.

Discover what Val looks for as he analyzes reference material and selects what to include, enhance, or omit. Then, observe as he translates these poses into blocks and begins to construct his scene.

Even supervising animators at Disney feel the apprehension of transitioning from blocking to spline. Witness how Val tackles this challenge and brings his shot across the finish line.

Finally, observe as he adds the finishing touches, polishing his shot to perfection for the big screen.

Each class will conclude with a Q&A session, allowing you to jot down any questions you have along the way and get them answered at the end!

If you attend all four masterclasses, you'll have the opportunity to animate a shot alongside Val, implementing what you've learned from each session. Plus, we'll select some shots for review by Val!

Part 2

 June 15th 8am 2024

Dynamic_Drafting (2).png

Part 3

September 2024

Dynamic_Drafting (6).png

Part 4

December 2024

Dynamic_Drafting (5).png

Is this masterclass for you?

Have you got experience animating?

This class will cover the principles of appeal and translate in 2D and 3D however, some experience in either discipline is recommended to get the most out of the masterclass. 

You want to be a feature film animator.

If your goal is to work in feature film, its crucial to know how to create appealing poses to bring your characters to life in an expressive way.  

Do you struggle with transitioning from blocking to spline?

Even if you're experienced, seeing how Val tackles this challenge and the techniques he uses to go from blocking to spline will be invaluable to improving / adding to your workflow.

Preparing for Industry Standards

For aspiring animators aiming to break into the animation industry, this class offers a look into the standards and expectations of professional animation production.

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