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Learn feature-quality animation with mentorships from industry professionals working at the world's leading studios.

Learn feature-quality animation with mentorships from industry professionals working at the world's leading studios.


Acting and Polish for Feature Film Animation


Learn feature-quality animation with mentorships from feature film animators working at the world's leading studios.

Worldclass mentors from Pixar, Disney, Sony, +

5 Unique Production Quality 


Shots Professionally lit & Rendered 

Professional Score for your Shots

Flexible Mentorships 

6, 9 and 12 week options avalible

Network in our

growing community

Focus on Acting & 

Polish for Feature Film

Free Access to our 


Lupin House gives you an opportunity to work personally with mentors from the world's leading studios like Pixar, Disney, Sony, and more.

By meeting with your mentor on a weekly basis, we guide you toward achieving the same level of polish found in your favorite feature films.

With a strong emphasis on acting, our mentors focus on helping you create real authentic performances and assist you in shedding any 'over animating' bad habits you may have picked up along your animation journey, helping you stay true to your character's performance and telling your story in the clearest, most entertaining way possible.


Mentor Gallery

Our mentors are industry professionals who have worked on nearly all major animated feature films released to date. Hailing from studios like Pixar, Sony, Disney, and more. Check out their reels below.

Production Quality

All our characters are feature-quality character rigs packed with the same features and flexibility found in production rigs used for feature films.

RED 2.png
Digital Animator

Our Students Get Hired

We're here to boost your career: We offer feature-quality rigs, help you create top-notch shots for your reel, and provide production-grade lighting to make you shine. The results speak for themselves, with our students securing positions at leading studios worldwide.

I had a blast with this mentorship and learned so much! Very knowledgeable and helpful mentors giving so much insight into industry life and pushing your animations to the next level.

- Adam Toutoungi

Student Showcase


We're ready when you are. Apply today! 

 6 - Weeks $750 | 9  - Weeks $1100 | 12 - Weeks $1400

- Join with a friend and save $100 each

- Pay in 3 installments

Please note that we have limited seats and only accept applications by interview. During the interview, we will review and critique your current showreel and assess your skill level. Our aim is to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible opportunity and experience.

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