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This WILL 100% Improve Your Animation

In this video, I discuss a very common issue I frequently observe in student animation: isolated movements of limbs. Whether it's the head, arm, leg, or even a finger, every time you move something, you must move something else.

This fundamental principle is what transforms your animation from being robotic and mechanical to appearing natural and organic. Watch this comprehensive video tutorial where I explain everything in detail. By implementing these teachings into your animation, you will see a significant improvement in your animation.

If you want personalized feedback and critique for your work, we offer the opportunity to collaborate with a team of professional animators from the world's leading studios like Pixar, Disney, Illumination, Sony, and DNEG.

You can benefit from their expertise and guidance as they work with you to refine your skills and elevate your animations to new heights. Take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to receive direct mentorship from industry experts and unlock your full potential in the world of animation.

Or Enjoy Our Free Course Here!!!

Learn to Animate a Fleshy Blink

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